Hardbox Installation Instructions

1) Remove window with a windshield removal tool. This can be done by a professional or by you. 
               Car Windshield Glass Removal Tool with Tempered Steel Blade https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYZZUYS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_PrRwFbEV1HCCA

2) Once the window is removed, remove all of the window sealant that is left in the window channel after the window is removed or use a razor blade to create a smooth surface with the remaining factory window sealant. The Hardbox needs a clean smooth surface to seal properly. 

3) Use the Hardbox as a template and mark the mounting holes that will be drilled into the window channel. (Sometimes minor trimming needs to be done to the top corner of the factory hardtop window frame)

4) Now that the holes are marked use a 3/16 drill bit and drill the 6 holes into the window channel. Clean any debris from the drilling out of the channel. 

5) Apply black silicone to the window channel. Apply enough to fill any voids between the Hardbox and the channel. Some customers have used thin weather stripping instead of silicone. which allows for an easier removal of the Hardbox if need be.

6) This step is easier with two people if applying silicone. Place the Hardbox in the window opening. (Avoid moving it around too much which could displace the silicone and ultimately cause a leak)
One person stays on the outside and hold the Hardbox in place and install the 6 supplied 10/32 button head Allen screws into the mounting holes. Have a person on the inside with the 6 supplied washers and lock nuts. Go ahead and snug them all down but avoid over tightening too much. This will cause the Hardbox frame to warp a little if over tightened. 

7) Now it's time to have a beer or cup of joe and relax. You are done and ready to accessorize your newfound usable space in your Jeep. 

Useful tips and mounting solutions:
-Apply Velcro to the inner panel and attach Velcro compatible pouches and accessories
-Drill holes in the inner panel and attach mounting brackets for flashlights, water pumps, recovery gear, or whatever else you can think off. Be creative!

Tools and supplies needed:
-Window removal tool or professional window installer 
-black window silicone or weather stripping
-3/16 drill bit
-1/8 allen key 
-3/8 wrench or socket